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1. Jack in the Box Lyrics

Jack in the Box Lyrics

Being correct tangle... noises surround me the tension leave to mine body erzittern a rusty feather/spring clasp mine I I understand myself nevertheless not to hit a corner, who am mine live would win

2. Kinderfresser, Part III Lyrics

Kinderfresser, Part III Lyrics

Santa Claus seizes I from the rear to the bag and tears it its eggs starting from the Christian child squirts I on the bells the sand male spits in front I three times in the face that has me around m

3. Zerschmetterling Lyrics

Zerschmetterling Lyrics

As I falls, can nobody me stop death hammer, which will smash it gives something in me it is, it comes from me cock ass cock ass asshole cat cock cock ass remains still becoming in my brain cortex imp

4. Lynchmob Lyrics

Lynchmob Lyrics

Why sizzles it all on me in? Why trettet their me, if I want to be because of the soil? And does look for you nen other body leaves me finally freely sets me for the worms forwards fertilizes with me

5. Sensou Lyrics

Sensou Lyrics

Impact me in eats breaks to me both legs steps me to I kotze burns me to I glows divides itself into file T-fittings hate me for mine I in me that is all the same no matter to me... But fick me! Let u

6. Eisenwichser Lyrics

Eisenwichser Lyrics

Fick the iron so long it is hot uses the fire it fire gives so long I rubs mine genitally against the thermal can and does not sit down thereafter into the screwing tub pulls to me one over with the b

7. Timmy Lyrics

Timmy Lyrics

Ficken there the rabbits wildly around tinker themselves small guard from straw rumba in measured consume whistle go to its away into the cab if then still the barrel concern then leave it comfortably